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* Do you feel content with your life, but something seems to be missing and you’re not sure what it is? * Would you like to change something, but you don’t know where to start? *Are you striving to bring more significance and sustainability to your work life? *Are you ready to bring your career to the next level? *Would you like to find a job which really suits your interests and personal values? *Are you thinking of a complete career reorientation? *Do you have kids and would like to (re-) define your role as a mom and professional working woman? *Did you just move to Switzerland, feel kind of lost, and would like to get professional support and advice in finding a job here?
Career Change / Career Orientation
(internal / external)
Return to work after maternity break
Professional Career Support
for Expats

There can be several reasons for considering a job change. Together we will analyze the origin of this wish to change, your personal values and strengths, as well as your vision. I will accompany you through the whole process until your personal goal is accomplished. 

You’re looking for deeper significance in your job? You have many interests, are ready for a new challenge, or find yourself imagining a lateral entry into another industry? Together we will analyze your situation, define your interests and talents, and ensure that your new orientation is aligned with your values. 

The birth of a child is a drastic experience for every family. Daily routines, interests and personal goals change fundamentally and families face the constant challenge of reorganizing themselves and finding their balance for a fulfilled family life.    I will help you figure out and honor your new priorities. 

Relocating to a new country can give rise to new insecurities. Expats are confronted with the challenge to integrate themselves in a new culture and to possibly learn a new language. I will support your integration into Switzerland and prepare you for the Swiss job market, so that you will be able to navigate independently with confidence and serenity. 


My individually tailored, positive professional approach

I am your consultant and coach; I support you in bringing structure, discipline and clarity to the process of reaching a set goal. I facilitate open and constructive communication, drawing on my profound experience in career consulting, coaching, and talent development, as well as my familiarity with the present and future demands of the job market. 


You are an expert when it comes to your situation, your individual experience, and your emotions. I am an expert in asking questions, developing strengths, and releasing blockages. Together we will open up new perspectives, aligned with your values and interests. 

In this free, non-binding preliminary discussion, we will exchange ideas and have the opportunity to get to know each other personally. We will discuss your requirements and expectations and put together a suitable package for you.

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1. Preliminary “chemistry” session
2. First Session

In our first meeting, you’re in charge and I listen carefully. We will evaluate your situation and consolidate your concerns to define your personal goal.

3. Consulting & Coaching Sessions
  • Professional processing of the application documents in DE / ENG 

  • Strength and value analysis 

  • Interview training 

  • Systematic support in finding a job and building a network 

  • Continuous advice and support in the process

  • Individual coaching on selected topics for professionals and executives



"Kristin was fantastic in helping me focus on my career goals and accomplishing the next to achieve them. She was essential in equipping me with the tools I needed to apply for positions that would advance my career with total confidence."

- Film Producer, Author, USA -


I grew up in a small Bavarian village near a beautiful lake. I am a mother of two, a passionate dancer, a nature lover, a book worm & an adventurous traveller. I slept in the tent in the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains & I supported the organization of a music show event at Times Square, NYC. 

I followed my heart from the big waves of Hawaii to the mountains of Switzerland. I love to spice up dishes with herbs from my own little garden & to breath in the energy of vibrant big cities.

I sometimes play the guitarre for my own & I enjoy listening to live music. I am still yearning to find the place to just be & to explore the secret hideaways of this world.

I started to work in Tourism to get to the bottom of cross-border interconnections & I studied a combination of Spanish, Pedagogy, Psychology & Business Management in Munich & L.A. & New York.

Today, I am a certified and trained Co-Active Coach.

I am where I am due to a deep inner motivation to create an impact by applying my far-reaching experience in Career Counseling & Talent Development to you. I am honored to coach amazing human beings from all kind of different backgrounds, seniorities & nationalities. I am interested in unique stories; in uncovering individual strengths and unlocking potential. The compatibility of family and work. Lifelong learning in a constantly changing world. Building bridges between cultures.

My professional and individual tailored coaching provides a range of opportunities to actively change your life. To co-create what is aligned and on purpose with who you are. Where do you want your journey to lead? Are you ready to embrace your paradoxes to be equally true?

Strukturierte Wand

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